Hi all,

My friend recently told me about this website. Every time I go to the laundry mat I buy some scratchers to kill time. Yesterday I decided to buy $20 worth of the hot $500, decided to buy that one thanks to your website. I ended up winning only $12 bucks.

I was hungry and was going to get some food... Then I thought might as well spend the $12 bucks and get six more tickets. I was sitting in my car and the second to last ticket I scratched was a $500 ticket! I was so excited I yelled out loud with joy people thought I was crazy!

When I went to cash it in a lottery rep happen to be there and she was happy for me. After a bit I got greedy and wanted to try my luck again. Bought $40 of the 10x and won another $100!

So I quit while I was ahead, all in all I won almost $600. Thanks to you guys, keep up the good work. Thank you,




Hey thanks a lot lotto crawler !! I've never won a scratcher other then free tickets my first day using your site I bought a "take 5"and won 50 dollars ! Amazing !




I used to go to my local convenience store every Friday Night to pickup a few scratch off Lotto tickets without ever winning anything. Now that I found lottocrawler.com I have been so much more lucky! I know exactly which Scratchers will give me the best odds at winning! After my first experience with lotto Crawler, I went to my local Liqour store to purchase some Lotto tickets and won $100 on a pair of $2 scratchers. This is the first time I ever won anything this big!


     , New Jersey


Checking lottocrawler.com before I buy Scratch Offs influenced me to enjoy playing the Lotto again. I know the Lotto is for a good cause but untill lotto Crawler I felt I had no chance at winning. It’s a FREE service, you get the best odds, what else could you ask for?


     , Connecticut


I must say playing the Lotto is fun, especially when you know which cards to play. My wife got discouraged 2 years ago from never winning. I recently showed her this site and she tried her luck. Guess what? She won $76 on a $1 card and we went out to dinner for free. The Lotto serves a good purpose, feeding my stomach and helps out the community.


     , Pennsylvania


I’m a big fan of scratch offs. And I must say, I won some good cash in the past couple of years. I used to spend countless hours per week on the New Jersey Lotto website guesstimating which scratchoff cards seemed the best to buy. Sometimes I just didn’t have time to check and bought whatever I felt was a good choice at the time. But now you guys made it so much easier. I feel I’m going to hit the big one soon, wish me luck.


     , New Jersey


Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Your free webservice is amazing. I never knew we can lookup the best remaining chances for scratch games. Keep this service running!


     , Texas


I used to play the same scratch every day not knowing how good my odds were or how many prices were left. I found Lotto Crawler and now I play the top pick scratch in Maryland once a day. Last month I won a $100 on a $2 scratch making my winning for December +78 and this month January I won $50 on a $2 Scratch, making my winning so far for the month of January +33.


     , Maryland


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Have you recently won using Lotto Crawler? We want to hear your story! Send us an email at testimonials@lottocrawler.com or post a picture of your ticket to our Facebook site.

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