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A few years ago I started picking up a few scratchers on my way from work along with a mega million quick pick. Buying a mega million quick pick is just like its name, quick pick! But there’s nothing quick about selecting a scratch off to complement my Lotto ticket. I was intrigued by the large selection of different scratchers and I didn’t know which to buy. One of my buddies informed me that you can check remaining prizes on the Lotto websites. I thought that was a great idea until I found myself spending 30 minutes to 1 hour each time trying to decide which scratch off is the best to purchase. So I came up with a system that would pick the best scratcher based on remaining prizes! I used this system for quite a while and then decided to make it public to the world on lotto Crawler.com. Now I know which scratchoff has what remaining prizes and it saves me so much time. But the best thing is that it increases my chances of winning!

Next time you decide to buy a scratcher, make sure you check its lotto Crawler rating! Lottocrawler.com

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Have you recently won using Lotto Crawler? We want to hear your story! Send us an email at testimonials@lottocrawler.com or post a picture of your ticket to our Facebook site.

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