What are Lottery Scratch Offs?


Scratchoffs, also known as Scratch offs or Scratchers, from the Lotteries are tickets that instantly give players the answer to the question - "Did I win?" Scratch the latex coating off the play area to play the game and find out instantly if you won.

State Lottery instant game cards are fun and functional. The game cards can cost anywhere from one dollar to fifty dollars and are sanctioned by most states, individually. The object of these games is to scratch off the latex covering on certain (or all) blocks in order to reveal the prizes won (or lost). Prizes range anywhere from one dollar to two hundred million dollars and most of the higher-valued prizes are paid out to the winners over an extended period of time. Some of the proceeds from the sales of these game cards go toward funding for state programs such as local schools.

The process for creating instant game cards began with random manual methods. It wasn’t until 1974, when the very first computer-generated game cards were created, that the process became automated. In 1987, the scratch off game card was patented and, thanks to today’s technology, playing these game cards have become a more predictable and lucrative sport. Playing these instant game cards give people a chance at winning cash prizes instantly; however, deciding which games to purchase have always been a guessing game.

Individual State Lottery Commissions provide information on their websites of the game cards that still have remaining prizes and their volume. This information is not sorted and the task of deciphering which games hold the highest odds based on the number of remaining prizes can be quite daunting, to say the least. This information is also passed along to local retailers who are supposed to post notices for and pull the games off the shelves that have no remaining prizes. Instead, they keep these ‘dead’ games on the shelves for as long as two weeks after all prizes are claimed in order to continue selling those cards. This means that the State Lottery instant game cards you have been purchasing may be all non-winners!

Lotto Crawler provides the same information that the State Lottery Commission gives but it takes a step further by allowing you to view the game cards in ranking order, by volume of remaining prizes. Lotto Crawler also gives you the three games with the highest remaining number of prizes still available. It’s an easy-to-use website, free and also provides a short video to help first-timers navigate through the site. There’s no registration or sign-ups to use the website, either.

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Lucky Winning Scratch Offs

Here is a picture of one of those weird winner scratchers. Its a picture of New Jersey Lottery $2 PacMan. If you look closely you will see that you need match the winning numbers ( 3 or 4 ). I matched 3 and 4 in every spot and I won. Too bad I only won $1 for each spot.

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