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Everyone loves playing State Lotto scratch off games. They are fun to play, easy to understand and let’s not forget about the thrill of possibly winning (or loosing) that lay behind each scratch off section! However, there are so many different types of games; how do you choose which game to play? Well, you can always make your selection by only buying the cards within a certain purchase price, design or by the dollar amount of the prizes that each game offers. Truthfully, using any one of those criteria won’t get you any closer to actually picking a winning game card. So we ask again, what is the best way to choose which State Lotto scratch off game card to buy?

Your best bet in determining what is the best way to choose which State Lotto scratch off game card to buy is to use the more scientific approach by looking at the types of prizes and how many are offered for each game. The State Lottery Commission provides, on each state’s lottery website, a listing of all scratch off games, the number of eligible prizes and their odds. This is great, right? Yes…and no! You can look at and compare each game’s eligible prizes and decide which game to play depending on what type of prize you wish to win; however, you could spend hours on end reviewing each game’s prize listing. Not to mention the fact that the prize information on the State Lotto Commission’s websites are not sorted by the total amount of remaining prizes. They list games in random order or as the new game came became available to the public. In addition, most Lotto websites do not recalculate the odds for the scratcher as the prizes are won.

So once again, we are left with the question of what is the best way to choose which State Lotto scratch off game card to buy? That’s easy…use Lotto Crawler!

Lotto Crawler is a computer-generated algorithm that provides the total number of remaining prizes for each State Lotto scratch off game and analyzes that information to give you a listing of the games that hold the highest number of remaining prizes for each dollar amount. The key factor here is that Lotto Crawler looks at and analyzes the number of remaining prizes instead of only giving you the total number of prizes and beginning odds for each card when they first hit the stands. This information is also updated daily so that you are getting the actual number of prizes remaining for each game. The State Lottery Commission’s websites do not sort the data into an easy to read and decipher format and because that data is not sorted, it could take you hours to analyze each game and select the ones with the best odds and you could still be buying the game(s) with the least remaining prizes (or none at all) without even knowing it.

So, what is the best way to choose which State Lotto scratch off game card to buy? The answer is clear…Lotto Crawler! It’s the most up to date information on your best odds of winning based on the number of remaining prizes for each game. It ranks the scratch off games for highest remaining prizes to lowest.

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